A group of young people give voice to the deepest forest

by Luis García

It is a large-scale acoustic installation that amplifies the sounds of the forest.

The facility blends contemporary architectural space with wild surroundings and is freely accessible to hikers and nature lovers.

The objects were placed at such a distance and angle that the sum of the sound received from all directions creates a unique and delicate sound effect in the very center of the artifact.

Gafas de madera Touch brand

The facility can also be used as a seating and lounging area or even as a stage.
The author of the idea was the interior architecture student Birgit Õigus. The group was instructed by the designers Tõnis Kalve, Ahti Grünberg and the b210 Architecture studio.

Megáfono de madera para amplificar el sonido del bosque

Birgit shows us the excellent application that human creativity can have, and I imagine that this idea is the result of her admiration and passion for the essence of nature, because who else would think of designing a structure to amplify the stimuli that the senses of the human being allow us to perceiver?

Altavoz de madera en el bosque

This architecture student has had the delicacy to materialize her idea using wood, in such a way that the installation does not clash in the forest, but never rather, intones. From the Touch office, the people who work on a day-to-day basis to make this project grow, we feel a great connection with this person because we realize that the basis of our objective is the same as Birgit's, but not only we want to tune into nature, we want to tune into nature, but in a different way than Birgit and the team have done.

Altavoz de madera para el bosque

At TOUCH brand we want to tone nature outside of it, in the city, where society develops its daily routine. We want to give nature a voice in the daily life of people, so that you remember where we came from, and what was the origin of everything, because due to a lack of sensitivity we are losing it..

Gafas Touch y altavoces de madera naturales sostenibles

TOUCH is touch, contact with natural textures, which refresh our memory and make us adopt more noble positions regarding the current lifestyle.

Feel the flow.