Flama Eyewear, official sponsor of the Días de Campo 2024 Festival in Montanejos

The Días de Campo 2024 Festival (May 16-19), organized by theBasement collective, will have the official sponsorship of the Valencian brand Flama Eyewear. The event will take place in Montanejos and Flama will have a significant presence in the venue with an original staging that will reflect the identity of the brand, in perfect harmony with the natural environment of the festival.

Flama Eyewear's infrastructure will recreate a scene of a construction site invaded by nature, highlighting its corporate color, orange, which coincides with the thematic color of the festival. The space will be made up of scaffolding and construction materials, which will provide a unique and captivating atmosphere to host all the scheduled activities.

Flama Eyewear will take advantage of the occasion to present the Flama Lab in person for the first time, where attendees will be able to try on limited edition 3D printed glasses, along with other exclusive pieces. In addition, there will be a space reserved for the Archive Sale, where attendees will be able to purchase glasses from previous collections and unpublished samples at knockdown prices (70% off), all of them equipped with the company's latest innovations in lenses.

The most notable novelty from Flama Eyewear at this event is the presentation of the Flama Custom Lab. This innovative technology provides smart lenses that are customizable on demand, with color tints that adapt to the intensity of light, achieving a color change from dark to dark. clear as needed. The lenses also have the ability to enhance visual contrasts, elevating mood and providing clear vision both day and night. There will be a glasses customization workshop where anyone can make their own glasses and purchase them.

"We are excited to be part of the Días de Campo 2024 Festival and to be able to present our latest innovation, the Flama Custom Lab," commented Abel Torregrosa, creative director of Flama Eyewear. "This collaboration gives us the opportunity to interact with the community and offer them a unique experience with our sunglasses and lenses designed to be worn during the day and night."