Computer glasses work, yes or no?

by Luis García

Computer glasses work, yes or noo?

It is nothing new to talk about glasses that protect against blue light.

That (un)known blue light that computer screens emit, and that worries those of us who work for hours in front of them so much.

In this text we are going to break down answers to typical questions such as...


¿What is blue light Do computer glasses work There are anti blue light glasses that worknan? 


If we look at the electromagnetic spectrum of light, we realize that after the well-known ultra violet (UV) light, blue light follows. Between the two is what we can call blue-violet light.
A parenthesis to put us in context. We all know that Ultra Violet light, emitted by the sun's rays without going any further, is harmful to the human eye. That is why quality sunglasses have ophthalmic lenses that cut light at 400 nanometers. We can identify a lens that cuts Ultra Violet light, by the UV400 characters that must appear on the label.
Ultra Violet light passes at 400nm and is outside the spectrum of visible light, we do not see it. It has a shorter wavelength than any of the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light. Blue Violet light, which cuts at 420nm Yes, it is within the spectrum of visible light, but it is the light that has the shortest wavelength. This results in the blue-violet light It is the one that has the most energy of all the lights we see.
It is important to know that blue light It is reflected everywhere. And this is good, because let's say that it is in charge of keeping the circadian rhythms of our body stable. In other words, It keeps our biological clock on time.
However, there are artificial light sources, which emit large amounts of blue-violet light. These sources are mainly the screens of digital devices, such as phones and computers. This violet blue light, the least visible, is the one that affects the most of the visible ones, it specifically affects the cells of the macula, and it is important to know that these do not regenerate. That is why the main problem we encounter in the short term is eye fatigue and visual stress. In the long term, we face an increased probability of suffering from AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.
Therefore, to the answer of whether computer glasses are of any use. Of course, of course, blue light glasses are of some use. But it is just one of the several habits that we must adopt, if you are one of those who spends many hours in front of the computer.

¿Habits Yes, here are some::

1. Diet rich in vitamins A, C and omega 3.

2. Breaks of 2 minutes every 20 minutes in front of the screen.

3. Visual exercises, observe objects at short, medium and long distance, for 20 seconds a couple of times each break.

4. Anti blue light filter on all your digital device screens that you use daily. use someblue light filter computer glasses, it's a good option.