Flama Eyewear presents the Exclusive Edition "El Neolandés": A Collaboration of Art and Style with Shoda Monkas

Flama Eyewear, the innovative brand behind the boldest trends in sunglasses and frames, is proud to present its latest masterpiece: the Exclusive Edition "El Neolandés X Flama". In collaboration with renowned musical artist Shoda Monkas, also known as “El Neolandés”, this release fuses art, culture and style into a unique expression.

From the roots of the ancient practice of tattooing to the neo-Cyberpunk aesthetics of the present, this work in the form of sunglasses emerges as a testimony of cultural evolution. Gabi, better known as Shoda Monkas, captivated Flama Eyewear with his new alter ego, embodying the essence of the "New Wave" in which the world is constantly immersed.

"If this New Wave were a place, a country in which we would like to live permanently, the name of those who lived in that place would be the New Zealanders (The New Wave > The New Landese)," says Shoda Monkas.

The creative process was a true symphony of collaboration. During six months of intense work, with the invaluable execution of eyewear designer Paris Koutsavelis and the vision of Abel Torregrosa, the collaboration with Shoda Monkas came to life in the form of sunglasses: "El Neolandés".

The design was manufactured using 3D printing in Belgium, by a pioneering laboratory in this technology, with a patented material that offers unbeatable comfort and durability characteristics. While the lenses are beveled and assembled in the firm's own workshop, in Valencia.

Each piece of this design is manufactured one by one on demand, in an ethical manner that guarantees both environmental sustainability and the exclusivity of the product, for each of the users who decide to purchase it on the official website The frame is available in two colors, and the color of the lenses is customizable between 4 different options: Silver, gold, orange or black. Each unit includes an identification piece made of the same material as the glasses, which guarantees the authenticity and traceability of the "El Neolandés X Flama" glasses.

The "El Neolandés X Flama" glasses are more than an accessory; They are a style statement and a celebration of the fusion between art and fashion. With tribal-inspired organic lines and a futuristic neo-Cyberpunk aesthetic, this unique piece offers a visual experience that transcends convention.

This exclusive edition is now available in the “Flama Lab” section of Flama Eyewear. To explore this exciting collaboration and purchase these collectibles, visit: